Online Sex Therapy and 

Relationship Counselling 

Karen Jones

sex therapy relationship counselling couple Bristol premature ejaculation erectile dysfunction
sex therapy relationship counselling couple Bristol premature ejaculation erectile dysfunction

On Line Sex Therapy

What is online sex therapy?

​I use a psychosexual approach to on line sex therapy. 

This combines behavioural techniques, education,

psychotherapy and relationship counselling.

Sex therapy is a talking therapy, so there

is never any physical contact between the client

and the therapist, nor does the therapy involve any

nudity or sexual activity online. The therapy I offer

takes place via Zoom or Skype, so we will never be in the same room together. Similarly, sex therapy sessions do not involve a medical examination, although in some cases, you may be advised to talk to your GP about symptoms that relate to your physical health.

​Sexual problems often have deep rooted causes, which may be linked to childhood experiences or early messages about sex. They may be compounded by anxiety, depression, disability or the changes that come with age, while for some they are associated with the experience or expectation of physical pain or discomfort. Sometimes, sexual problems are more to do with relationship difficulties, perhaps because of a breakdown in trust or communication, feelings of anger or resentment, or just patterns and routines that get in the way of intimacy. Sex therapy can effectively address all of the above. It is suitable for couples and for individuals, whatever their sexual orientation and preferences, whether or not they are currently in a relationship and whether or not they are sexually active.

What should I expect from online sex therapy?

I will send you a link by email in advance of each meeting and you should click on this at the agreed time. Couples should sit together in front of a desk top, laptop or tablet computer, where both can see the screen and be seen clearly.

The first online meeting is an initial session. This is an opportunity for me to hear about what has brought you to therapy and to make an assessment of how best to help you. It is also a chance for you to decide whether I am the right therapist for you. 

The therapy will normally consist of at least 6

sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis, although

this is always individually negotiable and regularly

reviewed. You will be encouraged to set your own

goals and to think about what you want to get from

sex therapy. In most cases you will be asked to

undertake some form of practical or reflective

homework between sessions. 

​Sex therapy is completely confidential. I will

never contact your GP or any other professional without your permission. The only very rare exception to this would be if I had serious reason to believe that you or someone else was at risk of harm.

If you are not sure whether sex therapy is right for you, please contact me by phone or email to discuss your situation further or make an initial assessment appointment at a reduced fee if you would prefer to talk through the options face to face on line.

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